Welcome to St. Matthew Catholic School!

¡Bienvenidos a la Escuela Católica de San Mateo!

St. Matthew School is a partnership with students, parents and community, committed to developing academic excellence with the integration of Catholic values within a safe and nurturing environment.

St Matthew Catholic School has adopted a “dual-language” model, teaching students in both Spanish and English for grades K - 8th.

Our students grades 5th - 8th can participate in Angels' Sports. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball and Softball.

St. Matthew School opened its doors in 1943 and has continuously provided a Catholic education to students for the past 70 years.


St. Matthew school is heavily dependent on donations. As you will see in our finance portion of
our web site we are dependant on outside help. This help is often given as time, talent and treasure. Below are some ways you can help.

Back to school supplies

Our children’s parents often cant afford to buy their children school supplies. Thus, we gladly accept everything from back packs to pencils, pens, paper, crayons, note books, rulers, glue sticks, art supplies, etc.

Classroom supplies

Our teachers spend their own money on class room items every year. They could use items for their class rooms such as, electric pencil sharpeners, staplers, push pins, dry erase markers, construction paper, art supplies etc.

Computer equipment

We gladly accept used computers as long as they can run windows XP or higher. Our network will not run anything below that operating system and although we appreciate you thinking of us we simply can’t use anything less. Printers will be accepted if they are network compatible. This means they should have a network port in them. We can always use mice and keyboards if they are USB compatible.

Library and classroom books

Used books are always accepted for age appropriate groups. Preschool through JR. High help build our library and class room libraries. Books should be in good shape and in either English or Spanish.

Copy paper

Our teachers and staff use copy paper a great deal.

Christmas family adoption

As noted earlier, a lot of our families are at or below the poverty line. Providing a Christmas is often out of the question. So we could use help providing a Christmas to these families. Contact the school office for more information.

Cash or donation for a specific need

St. Matthew School will gladly accept a cash donation. Your donation will be used for the above outlined needs.

Click the button below to contact us to find out how you can donate today.


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You may make a cash donation by clicking the "Donate" button or banner below:


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