When I speak of family, I speak of those who, no matter if related, are the ones that love you through the good times and the bad. I am a thirty two year old husband, father, and teacher. I am originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico, but have lived in Phoenix for the last seventeen years. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for six years. I am a father to two awesome daughters, Alina and Sofia. I am also a graduate of A.S.U. where I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Education with an emphasis in Social Studies. I have been teaching eight years, however, I have just begun my seventh year at Saint Matthews.  In addition, I am also the Dean of Discipline and I teach Social Studies and Science in the junior high grades.

“Families are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts.”

Family Ties: I believe in today’s society; the definition of family has been watered down to just those that live in your house. I think that here at Saint Matthew’s, I have a family connection with the staff and students.  In most families, there are issues that arise; but with compassion, compromise, and understanding, those issues/problems can be resolved.



I have had the opportunity to work at St. Matthew for the past seven years and during that time, tremendous growth and progress have been made.  Although we are a staff of only nine, our commitment to academic excellence ensures that each one of us provides exceptional instruction. 

I recently graduated from the University of Mary with my second Master’s Degree which I earned after being awarded a scholarship offered to twenty teachers within the Phoenix Diocese.  As both the Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment and the Junior High Language Arts teacher, I take efforts to implement a curriculum that is both meaningful and challenging in order to prepare students for higher learning.  I believe that effort in combination with a strong work ethic together create the foundation for success.

I was originally born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and lived there for eighteen years.  After high school graduation I moved to Arizona with my family.  While going to community college, I had the opportunity to live a rather simple, yet rustic life as I lived in my parent’s cabin in northern Arizona before it had running water and electricity.  Thus, for two years, I attended college and did my homework by lantern.  It was a unique experience and taught me to value the simple things in life.  Some hobbies I enjoy include bike riding, archery, canoeing, reading, and writing.   




This is my eighth year teaching fifth grade at St. Matthew School.  Fifth grade is a great grade to teach.  It is the final year before students transition into the specialized classes in the Middle School grades.  I studied Elementary Education at Arizona State University to become a certified Elementary School teacher at the end of 2003.  While studying at A.S.U., I worked with Emotionally Disabled and Behaviorally Disabled students at Aguilar Elementary School in Tempe.  Before teaching at St. Matthew, I taught 6th grade at St. Michael Indian School in St. Michaels, Arizona from 2004 to 2006.  My B.A. degree is in Journalism from the University of Arizona and I briefly worked as a newspaper reporter after graduating from college.  I later earned a M.A. degree in Political Science from the U.S.C. in Los Angeles and taught American Government classes in community college for several years.  I enjoy swimming, music, and learning from my students.


The St. Matthew philosophy begins by instilling in our scholars a sense of purpose developed in connection with Jesus Christ in order to promote Christian values and character through education.  The formation of responsible Christians who are prepared for their future responsibilities to church, family, and community is an integral part of our mission.  Therefore, we are fully committed to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social development of each scholar.



In connection with the St. Matthew Philosophy, our mission involves maintaining a structured environment where Christian morality and academic success contribute to a well-rounded education.  Such an education is developed through the promotion of scholarly learning expectations that teach scholars to be active Catholics, self-directed learners, responsible citizens, and effective communicators.  In modeling such behaviors, it is our belief that each scholar has the potential to achieve and develop their purpose as a person of God.



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