St. Matthew School is committed to providing your scholar with a well rounded education.  This goes beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.  The well rounded scholar will need to be polite and able to hold a conversation on a wide variety of topics.


Physical Education helps the scholar to achieve a sense of themselves whether competing with each other or against themselves.  It develops sportsmanship and a sense of team work.


Computers help to provide skills to our scholars for the 21st century. Providing them with the skills they will need for high school and beyond.


Special Education ensures that the scholar is on a level playing ground with his/her classmates in the basics.


Library challenges our scholars to read and discuss books.


The Katzin music program introduces our scholars to various musical styles with a daily dose of classical music played just before being released.


Dancing Class Rooms provide our 5th grade scholars the opportunity to learn dance and manners.  


Hello, St. Matthew’s! My name is Justine Sullivan, and I want to thank you for adding me to your team. I am a recent graduate from Roger Williams University located in Bristol, Rhode Island. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. Before attending college, I grew up in small town on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love living in a place where I can enjoy all four seasons, especially the summer time. I spend most of summer days enjoying the many wonderful beaches near by where I live. Moving to Phoenix will be a big change, but I am very excited to embrace every moment of this new adventure.


I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BA in communications and business.  I went into “corporate America” for 25 years.  During that period computers were becoming very popular in business.  During those years I was involved in many computer startups and migrations to new systems in all forms of business.  Both hardware and software selection and/or development.  This included wholesale, retail and manufacturing industries.

I left the corporate life to form my own business consulting firm.  I here too helped many small businesses enter into the world of computers.

I started teaching at St. Matthew 7 years ago and I have enjoyed it ever since.  I love the “wow” look in the scholars eyes as I show them how a program works.


Tracy Joy Randolph began teaching as a special education teacher in 2001. She received a masters degree in special education in 2002 and continued to teach 8th grade special education until 2007. Taking a break until 2007, she obtained another masters degree in Information Technology and Library Science in 2010. She began volunteering at St. Matthews in October 2010. She and her mentor, a retired librarian built a library for St. Matthews Catholic School from the ground up and it is now a functioning library two years later.

In the summer of 2010, Ms. Randolph was hired as the part-time librarian, special education teacher and volunteer coordinator for St. Matthews Catholic School. After two years, she can honestly say she loves it here and looks forward to the next year.



Mary Malone is a parent volunteer with Ms. Tracy Joy Randolph in the special education classroom. She has been working as a special needs care giver for the past 14 years. With a sister who is Autistic, she is an asset in the special education classroom here at St. Matthews Catholic School. She has been volunteering here at St. Matthews for eight years since she enrolled her oldest child in Kindergarten. Ms. Malone has four children enrolled in St. Matthews School and her last will be enrolled in Kindergarten next fall.




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