Poverty damages children’s dispositions and blunts their brains.  We have seen articles about the language deficit in poor homes and the gaps in school achievement.  These remind us that poverty is now likely to define many children’s trajectories in the harshest way: Poor academic achievement, high dropout rates, and a variety of health issues.

Our plan at St. Matthew’s is to better equip and communicate with students and parents in the 21st century so as to close the gap that exists between rich and poor schools.  The majority of our students live at or below the poverty level.  However, this should not inhibit them to achieve their full potential.  With our Apples4Angels, we will support them in their success in our ever growing technological age.  At      St. Matthew School we have developed a three year plan ,with your financial assistance,  will help us to close the gap.

One way we are asking you to assist us, is through the gradual implementation of iPads for our faculty and student body.  Arguments can be made about the expense of such an endeavor.  However, with the sales of desk top and lap top computers on the decline, and the sales of tablets , iPads and smart phones on the increase,  it  has become apparent that the market, the way we learn, and the way we retrieve/communicate information is changing.  The fundamentals of key boarding and typing  are still important, but the access to current information, when and where students need is ever increasing in importance. 

How does all of this impact the students at St. Matthew’s?

High Schools both public and private are moving to technology in the class room.  This means that teachers have to possess both the skills to use the technology and how to implement or integrate it into the classroom.  It also means our students must learn to utilize the tools and power of an iPad to attain levels of competence at the high school level and beyond.

An annual survey conducted at St. Matthew’s School for the past 7 years, asked students about their technology at home.  The survey revealed several important facts:  1) Home computers are in 77% of our students homes.  That compares to 48% just 4 years earlier.  2) Smart phone are in 56% of homes versus 39% three years earlier.  3) Tablet’s and iPad’s are in 41% of homes as opposed to three years earlier at 18%. 4) Home internet is in 63% of homes up from 24% four years ago.  These results indicate that mobile devices are on the rise as is internet installation in the home.

Given the socioeconomic base of St. Matthew, (families of four average incomes are $24,900), it is an educational imperative to equip our students with the technology and skills of the 21st Century.   We would be remiss in not providing the same opportunities availed to students of wealthier schools.    Our students must have the skills to work beside other students with the same technological skills.

Please find enclosed a pledge card for our Apples4Angels campaign.  We would ask that you make every effort to be as generous as possible. Our financial goal for implementation over the next three years is $100,000.00 ($33,000.00 per year.)  Please see below for order of implementation.


PHASE 1                           

· 2013-2014 School year

· Purchase for faculty

· Total cost $5,850.00



· 2014-2015 School year

· Purchase for 6,7 and 8th grades(1:1)              

· Total cost $45,200.00



· 2015-2016 School year

· Purchase for 5th grade (1:1)

· Purchase for the 4th grade (2:1)

· Total cost $22,600.00



· 2016-2017 School year

· Purchase K,1,2,3 (5:1)

· Total cost $11,800.00


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